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Contact: Jonathon Mayr
Phone: 716-945-5301 Ext. 2232
Fax: 716-945-5550

Becoming a member can be accomplished in a few easy, but important and necessary steps:

Your community must have a use for the system. You must understand the basic premise behind GIS and be able to demonstrate how you will use the system in your community. Practical uses include economic development, infrastructure management, planning, assessment, code enforcement, and public safety.

Your community must commit financially to the project. Southern Tier West offers several options on how to take advantage of Community GIS. They are described under "Fee Structure" below.

Ensure that whomever will be utilizing the system has reliable internet access and a web browser; preferably Internet Explorer 6.x. High-speed access is not required, however higher speeds will greatly improve performance.

Work with Southern Tier West staff to develop a viewer to best suit your community needs in terms of data, tools, and the interface.  

The Community GIS Project relies on economy of scale to provide a reliable, high-quality project to you for very low cost. Community GIS is based on a membership concept. Any municipal government located within the Southern Tier West region of Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, or Allegany Counties are eligible for membership. By becoming a member, your municipality will have continual access to GIS data from anywhere via the Internet.

Fee Structure
With a basic CAP Membership, Community GIS can be purchased seperately for a cost of $400 (all work to be provided within the current calendar year). This includes 16 hours of technical assistance, which can inlcude data collection. The Southern Tier West GIS Department is currently providing full GIS capacity (software, data, expertise) to local governments on a case-by-case basis for a fee (sixteen hours of technical assistance is available through the GIS option; 6 more hours than a non-CAP member receives for the same fee).

Data Maintenance
As a member, you get access to several other GIS layers that STW has access to like county parcel layers, DEC wetlands layers, STW regional layers, and NYS Aerial Imagery.  Southern Tier West automatically updates these layers when they are available from the source.


You will receive training on utilizing GIS and the functionality of the GIS viewer.  This training will be offered for all municipal employees.  Sessions will be scheduled at various times on several days to accommodate all schedules.  You will also be offered training on the use of GPS for data collections; and at times you may be offered other pertinent training.

Member Benefits
Being a Community GIS member has many benefits - - -  it allows you to become more effective as a government in economic development, planning, public safety, etc.  This tool set will be available to you wherever you have web access.