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To open the Community GIS Viewer, click the "Enter Viewer" button on the menu above.  Then click "I AGREE to Proceed to Viewer" below the disclaimer.  If and [x] appears in the viewer, you do not have Java installed.

The new Community GIS viewers require users to download and install Java.  CLICK HERE for the free download before proceeding.  If you have Java installed and are trying to access the viewer for the first time, you will encounter the following Java pop-up that you should check the box for "Always trust content from this Publisher" and then click "Run".  As long as you have that box checked, you will not encounter the Java pop-up during future viewer visits on your computer.

The Community GIS Viewer interface features dropdown menus across the top and buttons along the left side.  Descriptions of the button functions will display if you hover over the button with your mouse.

To zoom to a specific Community GIS member, select "Community GIS members" under the bookmarks menu located at the top of the viewer.  This will open a list of all possible GIS layers that can be turned on or off by checking and unchecking and then clicking "Apply".